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Communication within a relationship.....

12 years ago | 20944 Views
Yes when you ask almost everyone who is, was, have been in a relationship will tell you communication is important and have to be maintained, so to have a health relationship.
Beside other thing like respect and all that..communication seem to be the major thing to have or else you are both me it seem there is a problem in defining communication between man and women. Women definition of communication is lets talk now and solve this but on the other hand, man seem to define it another.
  •  Now my question is towards man................ will you please pls pls define communication to me according to you own understanding ngoba it seem we women have got it wrong.
  • and everytime a women say "talk" she is define as ukhulumela futhi or just hit a brick wall...sizani bobaba ngiyacela............
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Anonymous user 12 years
I define communication as medium to strengthen and cementthe understandn and tolerance of divergent views.We mustnt only talk when things have gone wrong.
Anonymous user 12 years
Arguements do arise in a relationship but daznt mean it must come to an end....character and humbleness are the cornerstone of an effective communication.
Anonymous user 12 years
Ntini baba inkinga engiba layo yile if communication is important why then lina besilisa uma linuzwa ukuba do you want to talk about it or ubuntu ebuzwa ukuba is everything alrite uyathula and then usuke lapho you act fun towards that person okubuzileyo or you never talk at all.
Anonymous user 12 years
Men hav a weakness of tolerance esp wen a woman leads in a verbal communication.Men lack facts to defend oneself.l believe in talkn whatever issues are a bone of contention.0ost relatioships collapse coz ppl are evasive wen it comes to talkin
Anonymous user 12 years
com is al about knwg each other's neds. u cn com day in dy out if u dnt knw eachother's neds no pnt 2 b in relationshp
Anonymous user 12 years
communication in a relationship is the only way of knowing how your partner feels, what he/she likes and does not like. People who avoid communicating issues are always cowards, they have no facts to defend themselves in a so called argument. In most cases those who do not communicate are abusers as they tend to use other unorthodox means of communicating e.g. physical abuse, verbal abuse etc
Anonymous user 12 years
most men who turn to be less vocal respect their ladies. when we talk of communication this is when we air out what we think and feel on a level without accusations being shouted to you on the same note one does not have tell the other party were your family is good about do not compare the two focus on you
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