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Wena uthini kungabe ngiqondile with what am saying....ubona kanjani.....

12 years ago | 14527 Views

Being a mother is a calling not every women are called to be mothers. 

Raising kids is not easy, it needs dedication, is what you put within the child that determines the future of tomorrow towards that child. Kuthiwa sigoqwa sisemanzi, if you understand this them you are okey. 

Being a parent never ends in him or her moving out of the house or her getting married too but you still have to be a mother till you die. 

Ladies my concern is got nothing to do with how many of them you have but is about raising them up to be better people tomorrow or to have a better nation of tomorrow. Why have we adopted other people’s culture which don't go well with us. Trust me l do understand  that time’s are changing but respect change or ubuntu bethu change. Do we need to loose who we are or loose our identity towards our kids. 

One person said that, we are loosing it all because we are no longer proud of who we are and what pains most is our kids growing up not knowing who there are or where exactly they belong. Is this the end of our own nation or we are trying too much to be what we are not, at the same time losing ourselves. 

Raise a child that tomorrow he or she will not depart away from it. Call me old fashion but mina angivumelani lendaba yokuyeka umntwana akhule nje, engazi how to define the wrong from the right. What we seem to forget is those people we are copying from,behind closed door they wish to be us. 

We are a nation with a culture and when we loss that we are just like air that breeze. 

Am not saying be hard to your kids but what am saying is be proud mothers show love and likhuze abantwana stop this rubbish  yokucabanga ukuthi if ukhuza ingane usuyihluphile. Sengike ngezwa abanye omama bethi, I don't want to raise my kid the way I was raised up. I have seen parents who feel pain ngokukhuza ingane and am thinking okey now wena uzwa ubuhlungu ngokukhuza umntwana but at the same time kubuhlungu futhi ukubona ingane ingakuhloniphi more ingahloniphi muntu. 

Let’s kick out the bad that was given to us and choice the good that have made us to be respectable and successful people. 

We all believe that you have to work hard to be successful but don’t want to see our kids doing small work in the house or garden. Now tell me how can it be possible to raising a hard working child if she can not lift anything within the house. 

How can you raise a clean generation if you can not teach her or him how to be clean within her body or enviromnent. How can you have a child who knows how to respect if  you as a parent have never gave respect to anyone, or to them. 

How can you expect your daughter to be a good mother when you are not setting that example of how to be a good mother.  How do you expect a child to know how to cook if wena as a mother have never called her to the kitchen to help.

Try and delegate the house work with her. lnstead of giving her pocket money nje why not say i give you the pocket money if you do this and that. When you do that she get to know the value of money and responsibilities. For your son akuthi athelela igarden, take out the trushy, wash the car.  It all beginnings at home and akusizi ukuthi uphathwe zinhloni usuphakathi kwabantu esekuyangisa.

Bomama sonke siyazi ukuba umntwana omuhle ngokababa and once umntwana esezenza kuthile okunga hambelani nomphakathi bathi kanti yena umama wakhe uthini. 

To most single mothers out there, who are raising their children alone seek advice from others and let others help you if they can. If you are raising boys, a time will come where you will need a male voice toward your son and that’s where l say.... please make sure you are in church so that your child can have pastors, male elders or other fathers in the church to help you. But if wena ulabobhudi thumela umntwana ngamaweekend, school holidays ayovakatshela khona ukuze afunde those little things that wena nje ngomama can try to show but is never the same like if umuntu wesilisa embonisile.

Am in the diaspora at present and what i see ngabantwana ngapha kunzima. Unfortunately this side most parent work and raise kids all by themselves, but that does not give us the right to raise holigans kids and blame it to the system and work. As parents were are faced with challenges that when ukhuza umntwana she report you for abuse and all sort but am still saying mother’s loves overcomes everything, if all is done in love and respect. 

Where parents makes most mistakes is by letting a child get away with so much esesemncane and hope ukuba uma esefika a certain age kulapho azoqala ukukhuza,...sorry to say it never works. if umntanakho ungakaze umkhuze don’t except a miracle at 10 ngoba lapho usethola le influence ukubangane esikolweni. 

Someone said mina engaqala ukungihlupha l will sent her home to go and learn life. Sorry l disagree with that because is like you are running away from your responsibilities.

Wena be strong and stand up on what is right endlini yakho and the child grows up knowing ukuba ngekhaya umthetho uthini.  

Kukhona abazali asebekhohliwe ukuba ekhaya isilingu asikhulunywa umuntu never say a word emntwaneni ngolimi lwakhe. Please bomama be proud of ivelaphi yenu and talk to your kids ngolimi lwenu so that uma usuvakatshela ekhaya umntwana engazo phenduka isithutha kwabanye and for the sake of abadala.

Shuwa ugogo uyosifunda nini isilungu kukanti umntwana is easy to learn any language. Asiyibheke kanje wena how come uyasazi isilungu ngokusifunda esikholweni kuphela why lina selibulala abantwana benu ngoba ezikolweni zabelungu alufundwa nje ulimi lwethu.(Diaspora)

Sigqondwa sisemanzi, kanti lalo ibhayibhili libuye lisekele leso sitsho, “spare the rod, and spoil the child” and what does that real mean. l heard someone saying the child is exploring esitsho kanjalo umntwana ebulala izinto endlini. Please don’t get me wrong am not saying be hard to your children unnecessary but raise children who can define the right from wrong just like God is to you He gives you life and say know the right and the wrong. Teach them so that tomorrow they will not depart away from it. Remember you are placed by God to be an ambassador towards your children and if he or she become something else ngoba wena awumfundisanga okubi nokuhle lawe you will be held responsible. Don’t abuse them but show them to be good leaders of tomorrow. 

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Anonymous user 12 years
this sis good stuff.siyabonga
Anonymous user 12 years
liqiniso lelo dadewethu, kumele umntwana odliwe kuhle ukuze abe ngumuntu ebantwini.
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