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Why is it so hard to have a relationship with a friend...u have known your life time.

12 years ago | 21775 Views
I thought relationship is all about knowing each other, sharing same jokes, seeing things in the same way. So why is it so hard for women to have a relationship with an old friend uzwa bethi i don't want to spoil it. I don't get it ngoba both of you have known each other strongness and weakness so why no.
i thought your partner is to be a your friend and best friend the one who when you are down picks you up and make you smile when they is nothing to smile about...or is it fear nje.
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Anonymous user 12 years
when they become your friend they tell you all their relationships and at times you get to meet their boyfriend etc.They even tell you when they made love to their boyfriends, why not, you are a friend isnt it? It now becomes very difficult to make them your wife, its better to remain friends.
Anonymous user 12 years
Aunti ngivumelana lawe, a long lasting relationship is between friends. Ukuthi ngingathi I really love astranger, ngiyala
Anonymous user 12 years
i thnk they r a number of fears, sme of them r that u dnt kno if the other frend feels the same if he/ she doznt feel the same it becomes really like an insult, then its to do with having like a lot of info abwt each other u really see u wont get anywher with the relationship.In mst cases tho best frends end up sleeping together but nt marrying becoz if u bcme very close then u get caught up in the heat of the moment n the next thing u r into each other u actually say to yoselves, we have shared almost everything so wats wrong with even sharing this.
Anonymous user 12 years
just keep pushing uzaze avume...
Anonymous user 12 years
mdingele ibaso ulivuthele ukhuluma ngaye uzombona nje ekufonela ethi umvakatshele..then uma ususithi usuhamba uzokucela ukuthi ''why ungalali'' then zonke izinto zizoqala lapho ke.. as long you are not related akumelanga akunqabele kakhulu.. Kanti wena nawe uzo ufune umngane wakho , amacheri wakho asuke ekuphi? Another tip, just tell her ukuthi makakudingele ucheri then ungambona evuma ngempela it means akanawo amafeelings ngawe.. but ungabona engathi akazwakali.. kusho khona ukuthi uyakuncanywa..

Anonymous user 12 years
I thnk u tend to kno too much of each other n smetimes its nt gud for a healthy relationship, yo pst relatinships, sex etc.Bt on the whole its better to marry smebody u kno than smebody u dnt.If u can get over all the above their past including sexual encounters its the best relationship
Anonymous user 11 years
women have become so very hard to meet nowadays, and having a good relationship with them seems very impossible with their very serious attitude problem too.
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